History of Lahore


Lahore has very rich historical background. This city ruled by numerous kings. Hindu rulers, ghaznavids, ghourids, and Delhi rulers include this in their kingdom. After them Mughals were also ruled on this this city.
They build very nice and wonderful building in this city. Badshahi Masjid, Shalimar Bagh and different types of Bara daries were built by them.
Historical places
Temple of Lava(Lahore fort)
This temple is dedicated to the son of Lord Rama who was Lord Lava. This is located in Lahore.

Tomb of Begum Sharaf –un NIsa
This tomb is also known as “Saru wala Maqbara”. Saru means Cypress in urdu.
This tomb is located in Begumpura Lahore.this tomb is built in 1745 for the Governor of Lahore

The Tomb of Khan-e-Jahan Zafar Jang Kokaltas

This tomb is dedicated to the high rank officer of emperor Aurangzaib Alamger. This tomb is located on the canal road near Royal Palm.
Gulabi Bagh Gatayew.
This is the gate way of many gardens which was built in Mughal regin. Gulabi bagh is the finest thing which built in Mughal time and structured with Mughal way of construction.

There are many more historical places witch are located in Lahore.

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